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master oyama-The world best karate master

master oyama-The world best karate master

I’m upul Nishantha who currntly works as IT teacher in Anuradhapura Swarnapali Balika MMV.  In my school there was an  IT lab  functioning with 10 computers witout Internet facility. thereare about nearly 4000 students in this school. among many children want to know how to built a simple web site and how to publish it so on . I just teach them using HTML and frontpage how to make simple web page. and also i have no proper training for doing this with student. so any one who will help to me to achive this goal its great help for me and my students.

I saw facts about evillage programm . thats very marvelous program that spraeding IT knowlege in a rural area and it can get more benefit creating people in IT field specially younger ones. so i hope to join this project and benefited something for the nation through IT.

Upul nishantha


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3 Responses to “About me”

  1. I will call later

  2. upul , did u contact UCSC fr e-learning/Moddle stufsss

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